Wireless Vs Wired Cameras

Both Technology has pros and cons

When you looking for an installation, you need to see what is best for your security  and peace of mind for your home or business. 

Wireless Security Cameras

Have advantages of wire cameras with convenience for installation.

Frame Rate

You will not get a fluid images compare to wired. Image can get distorted by dropping of the wireless cameras


You have to install the cameras at a location there is power, or have an electrician install an outlet near the camera location and can get costly.

Lag Time

You will not get live viewing a delay and choppy videos.


Thieves have knowledge of wireless cameras can be jam, hacked and not being reliable. Customers will need to maintain a strong wireless signal to the cameras

Wired Cameras

why wired is better over Wireless

Wired Security Cameras

Have to be install, and the cost of labor can be unattractive, but the positive outweighs the cost.

Frame Rate

In wired cameras, you not only get better frame rate but better quality picture

Various Products

wired cameras have a more variety of products

Lag Time

No lag time with, get real time events


Does not rely on the internet to record, can't get jam, and more secure.

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