Why Security cameras with analytics?

AI Security cameras benefits

When selecting a security camera system, there are many reasons why you should spend on good-quality hardware to protect your property. The use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze video footage acquired by security cameras is referred to as security camera analytics. The goal of this research is to uncover possible security concerns, anomalous behavior, or interesting occurrences that may necessitate human action or response. With some of these setups, it can improve storage, reduce false alarms, reduce search queries, and narrow search results.

Types of security camera analytics

In today’s world, we have some common security camera analytics like facial recognition, object detection, Motion Detection, Ultra Motion Detection, License Plate recognition, Auto Tracking, and some of these analytics are linked with deterrent base alerts or instant alerts to your phone.

Facial Recognition

Technology can detect and technology can detect and recognize persons recorded on video and compare them to a database of known faces to decide if they are permitted to enter a certain location or pose a security risk. recognize persons recorded on video and compare them to a database of known faces to decide if they are permitted to enter a particular location or pose a security risk.

Object Detection

Security officers may identify and track objects or vehicles within a camera’s field of vision, allowing them to monitor and respond to any suspicious or unlawful activity.

Motion Detection

This technology detects any motion inside the field of view of a camera and alerts security professionals to potential security risks or suspicious conduct.

License Plate Recognition

This technology can collect and scan license plates from cars passing in front of the camera, allowing security staff to follow vehicle movement and identify possible security risks.

Ultra Motion Detection

The acronym UMD stands for “Ultra Motion Detection.” This technology is derived from Motion Detection and uses a Deep Learning Algorithm to differentiate between humans, vehicles, non-motor vehicles and other uninteresting objects such as leaves, wind, shadows, and so on. UMD is an abbreviation for “Ultra Motion Detection.”


PTZ Security cameras (pan-tilt-zoom) with auto-tracking employ advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to follow moving objects or humans inside their field of vision. These cameras can pan, rotate, and zoom in on moving things without requiring human involvement.

Improve storage

Analytics can reduce storage by not recording dead events or space and only focusing on what matters. In addition, the hard drive will work less and last longer in comparison to the continuous recording. For example, a 32-channel Recorder with 4 MP cameras and 2TB of continuous recording with give you 3 Days of recording with analytics, it can expand that to 17 +days if the professional security camera installation is done right. In comparison, you will have to have 10 TB to store for 17 days; therefore, going with better quality cameras is about the same cost if you to expand your storage capacity and life of the system by reducing the heat from the storage.

Reduce False Alert

With the security camera AI analytics, you get genuine alerts from the system via the monitor, on your phone, or by email. The alerts can keep your mind at ease knowing if you get one, it will be essential and not just a small or big animal in the security camera view or the trees blowing.

Video Search

When the system is only searching specific events, it only records those events, and you can also filter it with the recorder under VCA (Video Content Analytics).


Buying good cameras with AI analytics can reduce time spent searching for a video event, reduce false alerts, and focus on what is important for you in securing your home or business with AI-powered security cameras.



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