Setup NVR Online

Download The App

Go to your app store on your phone and download the app Guard Viewer or Guard Live.  The App Icon are located below.

guard live

Guard Live

Guard viewer

Guard Viewer

Once you download, sign up on the mobile app.

login screeen e1638819351504

Add The Recorder

After you are login, click on the plus sign on the top and scan the P2P Code that is located under Network > P2P on the recorder. 

After scanning, you can enter the the desired name of the location for the recorder and click on the save button on top of the screen. 

Give it a few, and your NVR is online. 

if the NVR does not come online. check the it is plug in to internet and if the problem persist , feel free to contact us and will be glad to help 

Screenshot 20211206 143006
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