Setting up a wireless Cube camera

There is two ways of setting up the wireless cube cameras, by mobile device or plugin in directly to the network

Setting up by the computer

  1. Open your Web browser, enter the camera’s IP address in the address bar, and then press Enter. The default IP is
  2. In the login page, enter the default username and password (admin/123456), then click Login.
  • DHCP is enabled by default. If a DHCP server is used in your network, your camera may be assigned an IP address, and you need to use the assigned IP address to log in.
  • You may need to install a plug-in at your first login. Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and then open the browser again to log in.
  • The default password is intended only for your first login. To ensure security, please change the password after your first login. You are strongly recommended to set a strong password of at least nine characters including all three elements: digits, letters and special characters.

If the password has been changed, please use the new password to log in.

Setting up with the mobile device

  1. Download App.

Search Guard Live in your app store, then download and install the app.

Log In.

Run the app, sign up an account and log in. Use your account to log in if you already have one.

Add Camera.

Connect the camera to power and wait till the indicator flashes blue, then configure Wi-Fi settings.

NOTE! Before adding the camera, connect your mobile phone to a Wi-Fi network, so that the app fills in the connected Wi-Fi name automatically when configuring device Wi-Fi. If the indicator flashes red (around once every second), it means that network connection fails. Please press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until the camera restarts, and then try again.

Setting up Schedule, Enabling WDR, and Activating Human Body Detection

The Wireless Smart IP Security Cameras has the option to enable WDR, Setup a schedule to detect human body detection and enable human body detection in certain area of the picture.

The video tutorial will show you how to enable those function using the mobile app.

Tutorial to activate and enable human body detection plus setting up a schedule.


There is 2 ways to store video for the Smart IP Security camera, you can use and SD Card and insert it into the camera or store it on the recorder with onvif capability.

View Smart Cube Security Camera



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