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guard station

Guard Station Download is a powerful software application used for managing security systems. It provides users with the ability to remotely access and control security cameras, alarms, and other devices from their desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. With real-time monitoring of security systems, Guard Station Download allows users to respond quickly to any potential threats.

One of the key benefits of Guard Station Download is its compatibility with various operating systems. This makes it easy for users to install the software on their preferred device and start managing their security system right away. Additionally, Guard Station Download offers advanced features such as motion detection and facial recognition which enhances its functionality.

Guard Station Download is a reliable and efficient tool for ensuring safety and security in homes, businesses, and other facilities. Its user-friendly interface coupled with its advanced features make it a top choice for individuals looking to manage their security systems effectively.


In conclusion, Guard Station is a powerful CMS and app that allows users to manage their IP cameras with ease. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it has become a go-to solution for many security professionals.

One of the key advantages of Guard Station is its compatibility with both PC and Mac operating systems. Users can easily download the software from the official website or use an emulator to run the app on their computers.

Another notable feature of Guard Station is its device management capabilities. It allows users to view live feeds from multiple cameras simultaneously, as well as playback recorded footage. The app also supports motion detection and alerts, making it easier for users to monitor their premises in real-time.

For those who are new to using IP cameras, Guard Station offers comprehensive manuals and an IP Camera Finder tool that simplifies the installation process. This makes it easier for users to get started with their surveillance system without any technical expertise.

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Guard Station

VMS Tool

This video management software is a powerful tool used to manage IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, servers and video wall controllers.

  • Unified management for RU IP Cameras UN
    NVRs, Hybrid NVRs, Decoders & Network
  • Flexible to manage up to 64 Devices/ 512
  • Auto device scanning for easy adding
  • Support adding & configuring devices in batch
  • Up to 64 live viewing in one tab, up to 4x Live
  • User Friendly GUI for easy operation
  • Various event detection including temperature,
    device online/offline & motion detection
  • Videowall: Live view, playback, sequence display
  • People Counting: Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
    reports export
  • Simultaneous audio and video for live view and

Search Tool

Guard Tool

This tool allows you to search the cameras or the IP Cameras in the network.  Change Password, Modify IP Address, Cloud or Local Upgrade, and More.

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