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Looking for Security Camera installation in Coral Springs, Florida for your house or business, take the guesswork out of purchasing Security Camera equipment by contacting us. Woldstar Security cameras will provide you with the best equipment that will fit your needs. WorldStar Security Cameras is a South Florida-based security system, supplier, installation and servicing company that gives thousands of Florida households and businesses peace of mind. WorldStar Security Cameras is the top Security System Installation Company in Coral Springs, Florida for security systems . Worldstar Security Cameras specialists is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

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Our experts “Security Cameras installers  Coral Springs, Florida” will advise you on the best equipment to secure your property and will support all of your surveillance camera systems and technology. Take advantage of experience security camera installers for our services, installation, and repairs. Once the camera system is installed, to protect your investment, our equipment is viewable on any device and secure. You can have peace of mind knowing your property is secure with a one-year workmanship warranty from our professional security camera installer. We provide free consultations and can install both wireless security cameras and wired cameras, as well as demonstrate how to use them. User the form below to contact us today or call us at 954.534.9485  to protect your investment.


Business Security Systems Installation

A commercial security camera system may bring various advantages to a company. For starters, it can curb crime and theft by discouraging thieves from breaking into or stealing from the company. If a crime is committed, the footage from the cameras can be used as evidence to identify and convict the culprit.

Additionally, security cameras can also help to increase employee productivity and customer service. Businesses may discover areas for improvement and make required adjustments by monitoring staff behavior and consumer interactions. Cameras may also be used to check that staff are adhering to corporate regulations and procedures, which can aid in avoiding liability concerns.


Moreover, security cameras can be utilized to improve workplace safety. They may monitor potentially dangerous places like stairwells or parking lots and notify security or management if any unusual activity is observed. In the case of an emergency, cameras may offer crucial information to first responders and aid in the safe evacuation of personnel and customers.

Overall, a commercial security camera system may give several benefits, ranging from increased security and efficiency to increased worker safety. Investing in a high-quality video system may help businesses secure their assets, employees, and customers while also providing owners and management with piece of mind with an enterprise level system that makes it easy to manage and view the security cameras remotely. 


Home Security Camera System

Home security cameras are an essential tool for safeguarding your home and loved ones. They add an important layer of protection that can dissuade intruders and collect evidence in the event of a break-in. Consider features like as high-resolution video, night vision, and the ability to watch your camera remotely via an app or online interface when purchasing a home security camera. It’s also critical to ensure that your camera is secured securely and that you have a backup power supply in case of a power loss. 


With the correct home security camera, you may have better peace of mind knowing that your house is safeguarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us and we can help guide you on your install security camera or have an installer do it for you. 


CCTV security camera installation Coral Springs, Florida

Why Choose us

Why choose a “security camera installers in your area,” a local installer who can provide equipment, repair,  and services for your business or home in your area? Choosing the right equipment to secure your property can be challenging if you don’t know what type of equipment is best for you. A local installer will assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment to secure your home or business for your security cameras installation.


To give you peace of mind, secure your property with the appropriate equipment. Any mobile device or computer can be used to view our equipment remotely. Furthermore, we secure your equipment so that visitors cannot damage the recording in the event of an event. Call us today to protect your investment.

We carry our own equipment and give optimal tech support on your security camera equipment remotely or on-site.  Our tech team has years of experience in the IT industry to help you navigate the new challenges with network infrastructure. When you doing a security cameras installation you want to have a reliable source for tech support team. 


We provide equipment sales of CCTV, Access Control, and Accessories

Quality Products

We carry quality products that will benefit you for years to come.

Professional Security Cameras
Professional Security Cameras


With our technology, we can provide you with remote support to your equipment and in-person tech support.


We have experience installers to provide you the best solution.

Difference between IP and Analog Cameras (Coax Cameras)

What is better?

There are two primary types of cameras today, Analog (Coax Cameras) and IP cameras (Network Cameras).


Generally, coax cameras work on analog lines like coax and send the signal to a digital recorder. However, IP Cameras record in digital format and send the digital signal over a network to be recorded by a Network Recorder.  Both Security cameras system has it’s pro’s and con’s. 


Notable difference

IP Vs Coax

Clear difference between the surveillance technology available today when you are doing a security cameras project.


IP cameras run at a higher resolution than analog cameras and capture at a higher framerate to capture a clearer picture of the scene.

Video Quality

IP camera allows you to digital zoom better, have better performance in low light environments, and have a higher resolution per frame rate.


Analog camera can range over 1000ft via coaxial cable, but more equipment is needed to send back a clear image that is not distorted. IP Cameras has a limit up to 800 feet, or endless with a network with no lost of image quality when you connect the cameras


The cost of copper can bring an installation cost up. Still, IP cameras' network capability brings the price down with the ability to split the signal over a network and wireless signal that coax cannot. Wired cameras cable are the power source of the camera that also bring the video back to the recorder.


When installing cameras, you need to consider DORI: detection, observation, recognition, and identification. Based on your need, the right camera and the location of the installation can secure your home or business. On the same token, analog may be easy to install for the beginner users.

Joi harounJoi haroun
22:04 07 Feb 22
I’ve been using these cameras for my last 2 retail stores and have absolutely no complaints. It’s been about 7 years and service have been great and I would recommend to anyone needing to add security to their home or business !
Steven GreySteven Grey
21:33 24 Jan 22
I have bought a NVR and cameras from World Star. They were very knowledgeable and even came to my place on multiple occasions for programming assistance. They have very good pricing but in my opinion more importantly the service is why I like these guys. I don’t want to curse it but I have had zero problems with the gear I purchased from them for the last two years. I also learned from them it’s better to buy a bigger NVR so I can add more cameras and I did.
Melvin TroutmanMelvin Troutman
16:23 12 Jan 22
Excellent company with good, high quality cameras. Very knowledgeable about the surveillance industry. Superb workmanship. I would highly recommend them.
I've replaced my security cameras with them, never had an issue until one of the hard drive went bad but I called them to get it fixed, next day they were here. Fast service, clean and very professional. ?? Highly recommended
Gaming NolanGaming Nolan
00:33 30 Dec 21
They replaced my security cameras I bought from a retail store, better quality picture and professional service

Benefits and Downside of analog cameras

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*This is based on an High Definition professional camera installation near me; this is based estimate of a single-family home of 1000 square feet.




Benefits and Downside of IP cameras

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Bullet vs Domes Cameras

The cylindrical-shaped bullet cameras are often installed on a wall or ceiling. In addition, they have a large field of view and are frequently used for outdoor surveillance and are frequently employed for distant monitoring in sizable areas.


Bullet Security Camera Installation

Bullet Cameras

The cylindrical-shaped bullet cameras are often installed on a wall or ceiling. They have a large field of view and are frequently used for outdoor surveillance. They are frequently employed for distant monitoring in sizable areas.


Dome Camera

Dome cameras are often positioned on ceilings and have a dome-shaped housing. They have a smaller field of view and are frequently used for inside surveillance. They are frequently employed for close-range surveillance in more constrained spaces. Additionally, dome cameras offer the camera lens more protection and make it more challenging for potential intruders to detect the direction of the camera.


Both kinds of cameras can be employed in a range of locations, including as private residences, commercial buildings, and open areas.  They come in various resolution like 2, 4, 5, 8MP. You can access the video remotely by connecting either type of camera to a network.

Dome Security Camera installation

Our services

We carry a variety of products to fit your project and needs. We have wired security cameras and wireless security cameras. Both can be record on a digital video recorder or Network video recorder.  Our cameras have night vision and white light to enable you to see full color. 

With our experience in security cameras installers, we can provide you the right solution for your CCTV project. Our project, can also be built with wireless connection between building that connects wired security cameras and wireless security cameras. 

With a vast network of  installers we can get your project started and finished.  Our installers can provide you with an outdoor security cameras that is waterproof. When they mount the cameras  they seal it to expend the life.

Our experience technicians can solve your security camera repair issues and give you the best solution for you.

Need to secure or control the flow of traffic, we have a solution for you that can use Bluetooth, biometrics, QR code, and key fobs. 

Got an access control system down, we can troubleshoot it for you. 

Even with today’s modern wireless world, you still need to wire up your office to have SIP/VOIP phone service, computers connected, and printers to keep it a secure and reliable connection to your services. 

Setting up a new office or upgrading, we can setup your computers and printers onto the network, setup your wireless network.

Security cameras Cabling

Kind of cables used in Surveillance projects

There are several types of security cameras cables, each design for specific purposes and uses. Some of the most common types of security cameras cables include twisted pair cables, coaxial cables, and fiber optic cables.

Twisted pair cables are the most widely used for  IP/Network security cameras connection. They consist of two copper wires that are twisted together to reduce interference from external sources. These cables are typically used for carrying data signals in local area networks (LANs), and come in two varieties: unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP). UTP cables are more commonly used because they are less expensive and easier to work with than STP cables.

Coaxial cables, also known as coax cables, are use for analog or HDSDI security cameras. They consist of a single copper wire surrounded by insulation and a braided metal shield. Coax cables are commonly use for carrying video and other high-frequency signals, such as those used in cable television (CATV) systems.

Fiber optic cables are a type of network cable that uses strands of glass or plastic to transmit data. These cables are capable of transmitting data over longer distances and at higher speeds than twisted pair or coaxial cables. They are also immune to electromagnetic interference, making them a good choice for use in environments where there is a lot of electrical noise. Fiber optic are mostly used to communicate between switches at long distance for security cameras connectivity. 

In addition to these types of network cables, there are also several other specialize cables that are used for specific purposes. For example, there are cables that are specifically design for use in industrial environments, as well as cables that are design for use in outdoor or underground applications. 


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