4 Port POE Gigabit switch + Fiber FSP Port


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Introducing our high-performance Power Network Switch with PoE capabilities, designed to meet the demands of modern networking environments. This versatile device combines power and efficiency to ensure seamless connectivity for various applications. Below, we provide a comprehensive overview of its key specifications:

Power Supply

  • Power Adapter Voltage: AC 110V-240V
  •  Power Consumption: 65W

Network Connectivity

  •  Network Port: 1~4 PoE Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000Mbps)
  • Uplink Port: 1 Ethernet Port (10/100/1000Mbps)
  • Uplink Fiber Port: 1Gbps
  • Transmission Distance:
  • 1~4 PoE Ports:
  • 10/100/1000Mbps: 0~100m
  • 10Mbps: 0~250m
  • Uplink Port: 0 ~ 100m
  • SFP Fiber Port: Depends on the SFP transceiver (20km-120km)
  • Transmission Medium: Cat5/5e/6 standard network cable

Network Switch Specifications

  • Network Standard: IEEE802.3/802.3u, IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.ab
  • Switching Capacity: 2.0Gbps
  • Packet Buffer Memory: 1Mbits
  • Throughput: 1.488Mpps
  • MAC Table: 1K entries
  • Packet Forwarding Rate:
  • 10Mbps: 14,880 pps/port
  • 100Mbps: 148,800 pps/port
  • 1000Mbps: 1,488,000 pps/port

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

  • PoE Standard: IEEE 802.3af/at
  • PoE Power Supply: 12 45 +, 36 78-, 8-core power supply
  • PoE Power: 15.4W for af, 30W for at on each port

RJ45 Port Features

  • Power Priority Mechanism
  • Fast and Forward Switching
  • MAC Automatic Learning and Aging
  • IEEE802.3X Full-Duplex and Back-Pressure for Half-Duplex Mode

LED Indicators

  • LINK/ACT, 100Mbps Status
  • PoE Status Indicator
  • Power Indicator
  • Extender Status

Environmental Conditions

  • Working Temperature: 0°C~55°C
  • Relative Humidity: 20%~95%
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C~70°C

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 220mm × 140mm × 45mm
  • Color: Black
  •  Weight: 0.95kg

This Power Network Switch is a robust and reliable networking solution designed to deliver high-speed data transfer, efficient power distribution, and dependable performance across various networking environments. Whether you need to power and connect IP cameras, VoIP phones, or other PoE devices, this switch offers the versatility and power to meet your networking needs. Its compact design and durable build make it an ideal choice for both professional and home networking setups.



Power Power Adapter Voltage AC 110V-240V
Consumption 65W
Network Connector Network Port PoE Ethernet Port 1~4 Port : 10/ 100/1000Mbps
Ethernet port Uplink Port : 10/ 100/1000Mbps
Fiber Port Uplink Port : 1000Mbps
Transmission Distance 1~4 Port :
10Mbps: 0~250m;
Uplink Port : 0 ~ 100m
SFP: depend on the SFP transceiver (20km-120km)
Transmission Medium Cat5/5e/6 standard network cable
Network Switch Network Standard IEEE802.3/802.3u,
Switching Capacity 2.0Gbps
Packet Buffer Memory 1Mbits
Throughput 1.488Mpps
MAC Table 1K
Packet Forwarding rate 10Mbps:14880pps/port
100Mbps: 148800pps/port
1000Mbps: 1488000pps/port
Power Over Ethernet PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af/at
PoE Power Supply 12 45 + ,36 78- , 8 core power supply
PoE Power af=15.4W,at=30W for each port
RJ45 port Port Function Power priority mechanism,
fast and forward,
MAC automatic learning and aging IEEE802.3X Full-duplex and mode and back-pressure for Half-duplex mode
LED Indicator LED Indicator LINK/ACT.100Mbps;
PoE Status Indicator;
Power indicator;Extender
Environmental Working temperature 0C~55C
Relative Humidity 20~95%
Storage temperature -20C~70C
Mechanical Dimension (L ×W × H) 220mm*140mm*45mm
Color Black
Weight 0.95kg


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 in
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