24 Port Long Distance POE 250 Meters (820 feet) POE Switch


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This 24 Port Long distance POE switch will power 24 cameras up to 820 feet on small camera, on motorized and bigger cameras with stronger IR the distance may vary.


Product Profile

WS-POE8E is a

  • 24 port 10/100 Mbps
  • 246 port PoE port switch
  • 2 gigabit uplink port and an SFP port with auto detection
  • identification IEEE802af/at standard PD.

Key Features

  • Support POE (power over ethernet cable device) for wireless AP and IP cameras
  • Support IEEE802af/at standards
  • Transmission distance 250 meters or 820 Feet, making installation for wireless AP and Surveillance Project
  • Give you the speed of 10 Mbps at 250 meters
  • Supports Upward port auto MDI/MDIX
  • Adopted storage forward switch system
  • Smart Power and minimum consumption, guarantee PD requirement
  • With power supply circuit projection function and protection back-end device safety
  • Automatically provide the adaptive device
  • PSE modular design
  • Support loop circuit detection
  • Power saving function

Working Mode

Using DIP switch control mode:

  • Default: default switch mode
  • VLAN: prevent DHCP deceive and broadcast storm, projection information, prevent virus spread and network attack.
  • Extend: Transmission Distance Cat5 or above (Cat6 Recommended)


8.8Gbps (non-blocking), Network delay (10 to 100Mbs): Maximum 20 microseconds (using 64-byte packet), Mac Address capacity: 1k
Frames filter and transmission rate: 10M port Maximum 14,00pps, 100M port maximum: 148,800pps


To enable long distance on the switch, you will need to put it on extend mode to have the switch in long distance mode.


* Distance may vary depending on the quality of the cable, this switch will not reach on CCA cable must be 100% copper.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 12 in
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