16 Port Long Distance POE 250 Meters (820 feet) POE Switch


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Are you tired of dealing with connectivity issues? With Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, these switches enable the transmission of power and data over a single Ethernet cable, providing a seamless connection. But what sets them apart? Long distance PoE switches go beyond the standard 100-meter limit, extending your network’s reach effortlessly with their connected PDS ports.

Designed for large-scale deployments, these ethernet switches provide reliable power and data connection for connected PDs such as phones, cameras, and more. Say goodbye to the hassle of additional power sources – long distance PoE switches simplify installation while reducing costs. No more tech support calls or worrying about finding a nearby plug. With their LRP extenders, these products address your long-range ethernet connection needs efficiently, with multiple ports available.

Ready to experience seamless connectivity without limitations? Order today for shipping options and unleash the true potential of your network with long-distance PoE switches!

Product Profile

WS-POE16E is a

  • 16 port 10/100 Mbps
  • 16 port PoE port switch
  • 2-gigabit uplink port and an SFP port with auto-detection
  • identification IEEE802af/at standard PD.
  • Support lightning protection 4kV

Key Features

  • Support POE (power over ethernet cable device) for wireless AP and IP cameras
  • Support IEEE802af/at standards
  • Support restrain network storm, VLAN function
  • Transmission distance 250 meters or 820 Feet, making installation for wireless AP and Surveillance Project
  • Give you the speed of 10 Mbps at 250 meters
  • Supports Upward port auto MDI/MDIX
  • Built-in power supply 300W
  • Maximum power of single PoE port : 30 W
  • Adopted storage forward switch system
  • Smart Power and minimum consumption, guarantee PD requirement
  • With power supply circuit projection function and protection back-end device safety
  • Automatically provide the adaptive device
  • SFP: depend on the SFP transceiver (20km-120km)
  • PSE modular design
  • Support loop circuit detection
  • Power priority mechanism, fast and forward, MAC automatic learning and aging IEEE802.3X Full-duplex and mode and back-pressure for Half-duplex mode
  • Power saving function
  • Support lightning protection 4kV

Application Environment

  • Metro Optical Broadband Network: Data network operators such as telecommunications, cable TV, and network system integration, etc.
  • Broadband private network: Suitable for financial, government, oil, railway, electric power, public security, transportation, education, and other industries. Multimedia transmission: Integrated transmission of images, voice, and data, suitable for remote teaching, conference TV, videophone, and other applications
  • Real-time monitoring: Simultaneous transmission of real-time control signals, images, and data

Working Mode

Dip switches on long distance PoE switches offer flexibility in adjusting power levels, VLAN configurations, and other network parameters. These dip switches are especially useful for users experiencing ethernet connectivity issues and seeking tech support. Users can customize various settings according to their specific requirements, including the configuration of ports.

With dip switches, users can easily enable or disable features such as port isolation or QoS settings to troubleshoot ethernet connectivity issues. This tech support feature helps address malfunctions efficiently by providing a convenient way to fine-tune the performance of long-distance PoE networks and their ports.

Using DIP switch control mode:

  • Default: default switch mode
  • VLAN: prevent DHCP deception and broadcast storm, projection information, prevent virus spread and network attack.
  • Extend: Transmission Distance Cat5 or above (Cat6 Recommended)


1.8Gbps (non-blocking), Network delay (10 to 100Mbs): Maximum 20 microseconds (using 64-byte packet), Mac Address capacity: 1k
Frames filter and transmission rate: 10M port Maximum 14,00pps, 100M port maximum: 148,800pps

To enable long distance on the switch, you will need to put it on extend mode to have the switch in long-distance mode.

* Distance may vary depending on the quality of the cable, this switch will not reach on CCA cable must be 100% copper.

The Benefits and Applications of Long Distance PoE Switches

Long distance PoE switches, such as the Asurion model, offer a range of benefits and applications that make them an essential tool for any network setup. With their flexible and selectable dip switch functionality, these switches provide a convenient solution for powering and connecting devices over long distances while providing added protection.

One key advantage of long distance PoE switches is their ability to extend the reach of power and data transmission, providing protection and simplifying installation. By utilizing Power over Ethernet technology, these switches eliminate the need for separate power cables, reducing costs and making them particularly useful in outdoor or remote locations where running power lines may be impractical. With a well-designed plan, users can ensure reliable power and data transmission in any setting.

Long distance PoE switches offer scalability and customization options through their dip switch functionality, making them ideal for those who need a plan to connect IP cameras, wireless access points, or other network devices. With the ability to adjust power levels, data rates, and other settings, these switches provide reliable protection tailored to specific requirements.

In terms of applications, a long distance PoE switch is an essential component in the surveillance, transportation, and telecommunications industries. It allows for the efficient deployment of security cameras in large areas without relying on traditional power sources. Additionally, it ensures reliable connectivity for wireless access points in expansive outdoor environments. Having a well-executed plan is crucial for successful implementation.

To fully capitalize on the benefits of long distance PoE switches, it is crucial to incorporate them into your network infrastructure plan. With their flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, these switches offer a reliable solution for extending power and data transmission over long distances.


Q: Can I use a long distance PoE switch with non-PoE devices?

A: Yes! Long distance PoE switches can also support non-PoE devices by providing both data connectivity and optional external power sources.

Q: Are there any limitations on the maximum distance supported by long distance PoE switches?

A: While long distance PoE switches have extended reach capabilities compared to standard switches, the maximum distance can vary depending on factors such as cable quality and power requirements. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for precise information.

Q: Can I connect multiple long distance PoE switches together?

A: Yes, you can daisy-chain multiple long distance PoE switches to extend the reach of your network even further. This allows for greater flexibility in deploying devices across large areas.

Q: Do long distance PoE switches support different data speeds?

A: Absolutely! Long distance PoE switches offer selectable data rates, allowing you to choose the appropriate speed for your specific network requirements.

Q: Are long distance PoE switches weatherproof?

A: Some long distance PoE switches are designed with weatherproof features, making them suitable for outdoor installations. However, it is important to check the product specifications to ensure they meet your environmental needs.

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