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Worldstar Security Cameras offers 4K security cameras for home or business use. These cameras are available in dome or bullet styles and can be placed in a variety of locations. They have an 8 MP  image resolution, which allows for a clear and detailed image when zoomed in. The Ultra HD picture quality of the camera allows for close-up facial identification, even at a distance of up to 80 feet. The cameras also have a Sony image chip, which helps to provide a crisp image.

One of the benefits of these 4K security cameras is the use of H.265 technology, which allows them to record high resolution 4K images in a smaller file size. Some of the 8 MP cameras also have a built-in microphone and support for SD cards, which allows them to function as standalone cameras that can stream live events on YouTube.

In addition to their high-quality image and video capabilities, these cameras also come with analytics features such as intrusion detection, line crossing, and smart motion. These features can help to reduce notifications and storage requirements for recordings by eliminating “dead space” or areas without activity.


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