We carry a variety of IP PTZ security cameras for your installation. PTZ security cameras have the ability to pan (rotate horizontally) and tilt (rotate vertically) which allows the camera to cover a wider area. This means that with an PTZ camera, you can have a single camera that can cover a large area, whereas, with a fixed camera, you would need multiple cameras to cover the same area. This can save cost and space. Additionally, IP PTZ Security cameras have the ability to zoom in and out, this feature allows the camera to focus on specific areas of interest, such as a person or object.

PTZ security cameras can be controlled through remote control, a computer or a mobile device. This allows the operator to move the camera to the desired position, zoom in or out, and set presets for specific areas of interest. Some IP PTZ security cameras also come with built-in motion detection, auto-tracking, crowd monitoring, heater, long-range IR, wipers, dual lens, and heat body detection, which can automatically move the camera to a preset location when motion is detected.

PTZ security cameras are commonly used in security and surveillance systems for retail stores, airports, and other public spaces where a wide area needs to be covered and monitored. They are also used in industrial and commercial settings such as ports, mining sites, and parking lots.

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