Hollywood, FL Crime Rates & Mapping

Hollywood, FL Crime Rates & Mapping - security camera installation

Hollywood, Florida has been known for its high crime rate in recent years. Both violent and non-violent crimes occur frequently in this area. The Hollywood Police Department works closely with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to combat crime incidents happening in the state. As a result, police officers are always on alert to ensure public safety.

Victims of violent crimes in Hollywood, Florida include both male and female individuals. Although there is no guarantee that anyone can be completely safe from crime, people can take precautions to reduce their chances of becoming victims. For example, residents should be aware of the presence of sex offenders in the area and take necessary measures to protect themselves and their families.

The Hollywood Police Department is committed to reducing crime rates in the city by working closely with other law enforcement agencies such as the FBI. This partnership allows them to share information about criminals who may have committed crimes across different states or even countries.

In addition to working with other law enforcement agencies, the Hollywood Police Department also relies on technology to fight against crime. They use surveillance cameras placed strategically throughout the city to monitor suspicious activities and detect potential threats proactively.

Despite these efforts, it is still important for residents of Hollywood, Florida to remain vigilant at all times. They should report any suspicious activities they observe immediately so that police officers can investigate further.

Demographics of Hollywood, Florida

Population and Diversity in Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood, Florida is a vibrant city with a diverse population of approximately 154,000 people. The city has become known for its mix of different ethnicities and age groups that make up the community.

The city’s population is made up of individuals from various backgrounds, including African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Caucasians, Asians, and others. This diversity brings about a unique cultural blend that makes Hollywood an exciting place to live or visit.

Median Age in Hollywood

The median age in Hollywood is 42 years old, which is slightly higher than the national average. This means that the majority of residents fall within the middle-aged category. However, there are also many young families and older adults who call Hollywood home.

Seniors in Hollywood

Hollywood has a higher percentage of seniors aged 65 and older compared to other cities in Florida. This makes it an attractive destination for retirees looking for a warm climate and access to amenities such as healthcare facilities and recreational activities.

Despite having a high number of seniors living in the area, Hollywood still manages to maintain its youthful vibe due to its proximity to universities such as Nova Southeastern University and Broward College.

Overall Crime Rates in Hollywood, Florida

Property Crimes: The Most Common Type of Crime in Hollywood, Florida

Florida, property crimes are the most common type of offense. These crimes include burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. According to recent data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Hollywood has a higher property crime rate compared to the national average. This means that residents and visitors alike need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting their belongings.

Burglary and Theft: The Most Prevalent Property Crimes in Hollywood, Florida

Burglary is a significant problem in Hollywood. It involves someone breaking into a home or business with the intent to steal something inside. Burglars often target homes during daylight hours when people are at work or school. They may also break into businesses after hours when no one is around.

Theft is another prevalent property crime in Hollywood. It involves someone stealing something that belongs to someone else without their permission. This can include shoplifting, pickpocketing, or stealing items from parked cars.

Violent Crimes: Assault and Robbery

While property crimes are more common in Hollywood than violent crimes, there are still instances of assault and robbery reported each year. Assault involves intentionally causing harm or injury to another person. Robbery is similar but typically involves taking something from someone by force or threat of force.

The Police Department’s Efforts to Combat Property Crimes

The police department in Hollywood has implemented various measures aimed at reducing property crimes in the city. For example, they have increased patrols in areas where burglaries and thefts have been reported more frequently. They have also encouraged residents to take steps such as installing security cameras and locking doors and windows to deter would-be criminals.

The police department has launched community outreach programs designed to educate residents about how they can protect themselves from becoming victims of property crimes. By working together with law enforcement officials and taking proactive measures to prevent crime, residents and visitors can help make Hollywood a safer place to live and visit.

Comparison of Hollywood Crime Rates to Other Florida Cities

Higher Crime Rate in Hollywood, Florida Compared to Other Cities

Hollywood, Florida, is a city with a population of approximately 154,000 people. Unfortunately, it also has a higher crime rate than the national average. According to recent statistics, the crime rate in Hollywood is 45% higher than other cities in Florida and 29% higher than the national average.

Compared to other similar-sized cities in Florida like Pembroke Pines and Miramar, Hollywood’s crime rate is significantly higher. In fact, Pembroke Pines has a crime rate that is almost half that of Hollywood’s. This means that residents of Hollywood are more likely to be victims of property crimes like theft or burglary, as well as violent crimes such as assault or robbery.

Despite efforts by local law enforcement officials to reduce crime rates in Hollywood over the years through various programs and initiatives aimed at improving public safety and reducing criminal activity, the city still struggles with high rates of both property and violent crimes.

One possible reason for this could be due to its location near several major highways which can make it easier for criminals to access the area quickly and easily. Some experts believe that socioeconomic factors such as poverty levels may also contribute to higher crime rates in certain areas.

Analyzing Hollywood Crime Data by Type and Location

NeighborhoodScout provides valuable information on crime in Hollywood, including data on different neighborhoods and cities. By analyzing this data, we can gain insights into the types of crimes that occur most frequently in certain areas and identify potential hotspots for criminal activity.

Identity Theft in Parking Spaces and Garages

One common crime in Hollywood is identity theft, which often occurs in parking spaces and garages. Criminals may target these areas because they know that people are often distracted or preoccupied when entering or exiting their vehicles. They may steal personal information from unsecured cars or use skimming devices to capture credit card numbers from gas pumps or ATMs.

The Department’s Parking Division Has a High Number of Male Unit Values

Another interesting finding from our analysis is that the department’s parking division has a high number of male unit values. This suggests that men are more likely to be involved in criminal activity related to parking enforcement, such as issuing fraudulent tickets or accepting bribes.

Analyzing Crime Data by Location and Size

By analyzing crime data by location and size, we can also identify trends and patterns that may be useful for law enforcement officials. For example, we might find that certain types of crimes are more prevalent in larger communities while others are more common in smaller neighborhoods.

Limitations of Hollywood Crime Data Reporting Timeframes

Time is a crucial factor Florida. The accuracy of the data reported can be affected by the time lag between when a crime occurs and when it is officially reported. In this section, we will discuss the limitations of crime data reporting timeframes and how it can impact decision-making.

Time Limitations for Law Enforcement Employees

One of the primary reasons why there are limitations on crime data reporting timeframes in Hollywood, Florida is due to the time it takes for law enforcement employees to process and analyze the information. After a crime has been committed, law enforcement officials have to investigate and collect evidence before they can report it. This process can take several days or even weeks depending on the complexity of the case.

As a result, some crimes may not be reported until weeks or even months after they occur. For example, if someone was robbed at gunpoint but didn’t report it immediately because they were afraid, this would delay the official reporting of that crime. Some crimes may not be reported at all if there isn’t enough evidence or if the victim doesn’t want to press charges.

Accuracy of Crime Data

The accuracy of crime data can also be affected by the limitations of reporting timeframes. If there is a significant delay between when a crime occurs and when it is officially reported, then any analysis conducted based on that data may not reflect current trends accurately. For instance, if there’s an increase in burglaries over several months but only half are being officially recorded because people aren’t bothering to report them anymore due to lack of faith in local authorities’ ability to tackle such issues effectively; then statistics will show fewer burglaries than what actually occurred.

Moreover, since criminal activity tends to fluctuate seasonally (e.g., more break-ins during summer vacations), failing to capture these fluctuations could lead to inaccurate conclusions about overall trends. This can lead to false assumptions about the effectiveness of law enforcement strategies and policies.

Assessing the Safety of Living or Visiting Hollywood, Florida

Living or visiting Hollywood, Florida can be a great experience with its beautiful beaches and warm weather. However, it is important to consider the safety of the city before making any plans. After analyzing the demographics and crime data of Hollywood, Florida, it is clear that there are some concerns regarding safety.

The demographics of Hollywood show a diverse population with a large number of elderly residents. While this can create a sense of community and stability in some areas, it can also make certain neighborhoods more vulnerable to crime. The overall crime rate in Hollywood is higher than the national average, which means that residents and visitors should take precautions to protect themselves.

There are various types of crimes prevalent in Hollywood such as theft, assault, burglary and drug-related offenses. The high number of tourists in the area makes it an attractive target for criminals looking for easy targets. It is important to remain vigilant when walking alone at night or leaving valuables unattended.

When compared to other cities in Florida such as Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood has slightly lower crime rates but still falls above the national average. This suggests that while there have been efforts made to improve safety in the area, there is still work to be done.

Analyzing Hollywood’s crime data by type and location reveals that certain areas have higher rates of specific crimes than others. For example, downtown Hollywood has a higher rate of thefts while South Beach has a higher rate of drug-related offenses. This information can help residents and visitors make informed decisions about where they choose to spend their time.

It is important to note that limitations exist when analyzing crime data reporting timeframes due to factors such as underreporting or delayed reporting from law enforcement agencies. Therefore, these numbers may not accurately reflect current trends or patterns.



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