Enable Push Notification on DMSS Mobile App

Enable Push Notification on DMMS App

This tutorial will show you how to setup push notification on your mobile app on your device. You will need to install the DMSS app from the Play or IOS Store. Once install you will need to open it and tap on the home icon to access your device list. Tap on the 3 dot to expend the menu list of the device you are going to set up push notification on.


Tap on the “Device Details” to enter Alarm setting Setting section

300px 3. Home Screen DMSS Notification
300px 5. Alarm Subcription DMSS Notification

Tap on the “Multi-Channel Alarm Subscription” to allow your device to receive push notification.

Enable the radio button by having highlighted blue, then follow the type of events you are trying to setup your notification like “Motion”, “SMD”, “Intrusion Alarm”….


You can also set the period you will like to receive the alarm push notification if you don’t want to receive them 24/7.

300px 6. Enabled Alarm Subcription DMSS Notification


Setup Notification

If you have completed all the steps above and still not able to receive notification, you might need to check notification permission on your mobile phone.

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