So you decided to have security cameras for your home of business, take the guess work out of buying cameras by contacting us. When installing cameras, you need to get the right one for the job or you will be asking yourself those questions:

  • Why are my security cameras not seeing better at night?
  • Why are they blurry?
  • Why are is it dark at night?
  • Why kind of camera I need to see the front gate?
  • What kind of cables do I need to run?
  • Why is the recorder beeping?
  • How long can it record for?
  • How do I set up motion?

Security Camera Installation which also stands for CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Systems) takes an average installer 2 to 3 hours per camera for the cable run, mounting the security camera, and that is in the event if the installation does go to plan. Long run for cameras can get even more complicated if the right equipment is not provided, that is why hiring a professional installer with experience is the best solution. 

If you have come around with some questions or you want to avoid these questions, contact us for you next quote for your security cameras installation. We have installers that will come to you and give you a quote in:

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