Does the frame rate per second in CCTV important?

What is the frame rate per second (FPS)

The frame rate of CCTV refers to the number of frames or images captured per second by the camera. For security cameras, the most common frame rates are 30 fps (frames per second) and 60 fps. A higher frame rate indicates that the camera captures more images per second, resulting in a smoother, more detailed video. This is especially important in situations where fast-moving objects or actions, such as on a busy street or at a crime scene, must be captured.

When to use it

When a frame rate per second in CCTV at 30 frames per second, one frame is captured every 33.3 milliseconds. As a result, there will be gaps between each frame, resulting in choppy and less detailed video footage. When a security camera records at 60 frames per second, each frame is captured every 16.6 milliseconds. As a result, the video footage is much smoother and more detailed, with fewer visible gaps between each frame. The 60 fps security camera is mostly used to capture fast-moving objects like a car license plate.


It’s worth noting that higher frame rates in CCTV necessitate more storage and bandwidth. This is because more data is being captured and transmitted in less time. A 30 fps camera, for example, requires less storage and bandwidth than a 60 fps camera because it captures and transmits half as many frames per second. As a result, when selecting a security camera, it is critical to consider the specific needs and resources available.


Furthermore, a higher frame rate in security cameras brings additional benefits such as the ability to slow down footage, better motion detection, and improved facial recognition, all of which are important security features.

Finally, the frame rate of a security camera can significantly affect the quality and clarity of the video footage captured. A higher frame rate produces smoother and more detailed video, which is especially important when capturing fast-moving objects or actions. However, when selecting a security camera, it is critical to consider the specific needs and resources available, as higher frame rates necessitate more storage and bandwidth.



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