How much does it cost for security camera installation?

The cost for security camera system varies $600 to $2,500 on average.  Cost of a security camera installation with cable and materials for a home cost between $150 to $200 per camera for a wired install, and about $100 for a wireless system per camera

Professional Security Cameras


We carry a vast amount of security equipment and accessories

Options for Cost of Security Cameras Installation

You have several choice when coming to know your limit on the cost of a security camera installation



Buying the equipment and installing yourself will be the cheapest option, but can be the most challenging one

Handy Man

A Handy man claim that they can install the system for you, if you buy the equipment but have limited knowledge what best work for each scenario.

Professional Installer

A professional installer will not only do the job right, but advise you what equipment is best suited for the job.


Lifetime Support

When spending a good amount of money, you want to have a company that will be able to service the equipment for you and provide support.

Our Products

We carry wide range of equipment to fit your security needs, we can advise you with the best product that will fit your budjet. 

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Premium Chip

Our cameras carry premium chip that enables you to see a clear picture day and night

Plug and Play

Our Cameras and NVR are plug and play and integrate with each other seamlessly


Our system can alert you on your phone with just a few clicks.

Got Questions

Our sales team can provide you a cost of a security camera installation effective system that will suit your needs, contact us for a free quote and we can guide you to your next system.

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