Adjust lines in Security Camera Images

Stroboscopic is cause by the light frequency difference between lens and ambient light. The indoor light is on during daytime, the camera fails to automatically adjust exposure mode. Our IP security cameras are equip to adjust with an interface to adjust that.

Lines in security cameras from light environment

How to fix it

In some cases, by changing the value of the exposure mode from 50hz to 60hz can fix the issue. Unfortunately, that may not work with some new LED lights and the location of the camera when it located behind the lights.

The professional security cameras we carry, have the option to adjust the shutter speed and the compensation.

You may have to play with the settings till you get the right shutter speed and compensation.

Still having issues, do the following:

  • The security camera needs to be move to a new location.
  • A security camera with a “better Image chip.”
  • A professional security camera installer to guide with this issue.



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