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We have an experience of security camera sales team to help guide you in your security system designs.

We carry a variety of Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems  like analog cameras, HD Analog cameras, IP Cameras, Full Color, PTZ, Fisheye, Varifocal, repair, installation, and security cameras Accessories.   We have dealer pricing for your wholesale price. 

Our security camera store is open to you to help you with your security needs. 


Full Color Security Camera Sales
Full Color Security Camera Sales

SIP Multicast Onvif IP Speakers

Network IP Speaker Onvif sip Multicast

Paging POE Speakers two way audio

Our IP Ceiling Speaker is a smooth design, which makes it nicely blend with its surroundings. It’s easy to mount flush with a ceiling, which is perfect for installation in schools, offices, stores, and hospitals. 

  • Compatible with VOIP SIP device.
  • Compatible with ONVIF VMS.
  • Mobile Sip App
  • PoE eliminates need for local power supply.
  • 48K OPUS Audio Codec enables excellent sound quality.
  • Support pre-recorded messages, schedule, HTTP, alarm in.

IR and Warm Light LED Illumination IP Cameras

Full Color Security Cameras sales

Full Color Cameras

Full Color Security Camera enables you to see a colors day and night, with assistance of the warm white light, you can see up to 98 feet in the dark in full color. 

With this Security Cameras, it can light up around your property to keep unwanted guest away.

The Security cameras also works with smart intrusion prevention to further enhance security features.


Day and Night comparison

Full Color Security Cameras

Check out our full color surveillance system

180 AI IP Security Camera

This camera is equipped with artificial intelligence; the IP security camera makes your surveillance system more reliable. This is because it eliminates the possibility of producing false alerts. This camera can differentiate between significant and unimportant motion, and it can set off actions depending on whatever type of motion it detects. You’ll save space on your recordings, avoid false alarms, and get more out of your mobile push alerts if you do these three things.

4k E Series Cameras

Check out or E series 8 MP IP security cameras, 2.8mm, smart ir, built-in mic, SD card and more. 

4k Deterrent IP security PTZ

4k IP Security Camera PTZ

8 Megapixels IP security PTZ camera with deterrent light and sound.    IR distance up to 50 Meters, POE, 4x Zoom and more. 

5 Meg 360 degrees Security Cameras

360 Fisheye Cameras

Our fisheye cameras combine with our NVR can be de-warped giving you a non distorted picture. You can mount them on the wall or ceiling.  With built-in dual mic, you can a great sound coverage. 

Point to Point Antennas, easy setup

Easy Config PTP Link Antennas

With our 5 GHz 27 dBi Point to Point you can make a wireless bridge with no computer or devices needed to setup.

Program everything you need directly from the antennas.  

Cascading HDMI extenders

Cascading HDMI 4k Extenders

Going to multiple TV’s, use the HDMI extenders like you would to extend a network, easy to use, plug and play up to 120 meters.

Featured collection

Check out our line of surveillance equipment


Security Camera License Plate Reader

License Plate Reader security camera

Read and capture Security Camera license plate to store on the recorder with ability to search with fuzzy or accurate search. Add a white or ban list, right on the device itself.

Security cameras Products

Get all your security cameras equipment , access control, accessories, and more...

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Access Control​

Access control is a system that control who comes in and out of the building. This way you are minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to your restricted area. The access control uses key fob cards, cell phone, QR Code, and biometrics to secure a facility. The combination can be done with PIN code to add an extra layer of protection to your facility. Access control can be user for Private property, government building, school, and association.

Atlas Access Control door installation and sales

Security Cameras, Video Surveillance, & Access Control

what we do

Worldstar Security Cameras (WSSC) is a  security cameras, video surveillance, access control and technology solutions sales and wholesale provider. Our store, provide clients with a variety of innovative surveillance solutions and access control to safeguard and monitor home, commercial, institutional, and government locations. We carry NDAA security camera products for your government installations.


We have an extensive network of distributors and qualified, licensed, and insured installers to provide security camera installation and video surveillance installation, security camera repairs and video surveillance repairs, ;access control, and upgrade. Our management team, technical support staff, and business development managers have an average over 30 years of experience in the security camera sales industry. We understand the unique challenges of the physical security cameras industry and can provide customized, cost-effective, solutions specific to your applications.

Our services

We are a security cameras supplier with variety of products to fit your project and needs. We  provide wholesale security camera sales to dealer and installers in our retail store. 

With our experience in security cameras installation, we can provide you the right solution for your CCTV project.


With a vast network of security camera installer we can get your project started and finished. 


Our experienced technicians can solve your security camera issues and give you the best solution for your security camera repairs in our store.

Need to secure or control the flow of traffic, we have a solution for you that can use Bluetooth, biometrics, QR code, and key fobs. 

Got an access control system down, we can troubleshoot it for you. 

SEcurity cameras installation

Security Cameras Installers Network

Our Security Camera Installers and Access Control Installers are ready to provide you a quote for your new security camera installation, security cameras repairs, or upgrade. Our security camera sales team provide sales in the Caribbean Island, South America, Central Americas, United States, and the small islands.

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HOme security camera

Why It Is Important For Your Home

Do you feel safe in your home? Many people don’t, and for a good reason. Crime rates are on the rise, and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. One way to help make yourself and your loved ones feel safer is installing a security camera system in your home. Security cameras act as a deterrent to criminals, but they can also help police catch the bad guys if something happens. In addition to security camera sales, another way to improve the safety of your home is by installing an access control system. There is no doubt that security cameras and access control are important for your home. They provide peace of mind, but they can also help protect you and your family. It’s no secret that crime rates are on the rise. According to recent studies, burglary rates have increased by 10% in the past year alone. This is why it is more important than ever to protect your home and family with a security system


For Your Home

Not only can security cameras help you catch criminals if they do break into your home, but they can also act as a deterrent for would-be thieves. In addition, access control systems can keep your loved ones safe by restricting access to certain areas of your home (such as the kitchen or garage) to authorized individuals only. Contact us our security camera sales team to help you secure your home with the besst security camera system.

Security Cameras

Top Reasons Why These Security Measures Are So Important

First, security cameras and video surveillance can act as a deterrent to criminals. If potential burglars see that your home is equipped with cameras, they may be less likely to target your property. Second, access control systems can help you restrict who has access to your home. This is especially important if you have young children or elderly family members who need to be protected from strangers. Finally, security cameras and access control systems can give you peace of mind. Knowing that your home is well-protected can help you relax and enjoy your life without worry.

Protecting Your Office

Security Cameras & Access Control

Business owners often think about security in terms of their physical assets: ensuring that doors are locked, and windows are boarded up, hiring security guards, and security camera installation. However, security is not just about protecting your building from burglars – it is also about protecting your employees and your business information. 

Office Security Cameras

Why is it important

Most company owners appreciate the value of security cameras and access control systems for their business, but many are unaware of their usefulness for workplace safety. These are some of the reasons why security cameras and access control systems are necessary in every office: -Security cameras hinder criminal activity. Security cameras have been found in studies to minimize the likelihood of criminal conduct. This is due to the fact that criminals are less inclined to commit a crime if they are aware that they are being observed.

Employees are protected by access control systems. If an attacker tries to break into your workplace, an access control system will prevent them from entering. This safeguards your employees’ safety and guarantees that only authorized personnel have access to your office.

Security cameras and access control systems can aid in the investigation of crimes. If a crime occurs, security camera footage can be utilized to identify the offender. Access control systems can also assist you in determining who was present in your workplace at the time of the occurrence. You may have peace of mind with security cameras and access control systems. Knowing your workspace is safe might help you relax and concentrate on your job. Access control sales and security cameras may be used to limit the danger of illegal entry to your restricted area, and biometrics can be used to safeguard the facility. You may help safeguard your business from theft, vandalism, and other crimes by controlling who can access your workplace. 


In Conclusion

Security cameras and access control systems, as you can see, are necessary for every office. If you do not already have these processes in place, now is the time to put them in place. Your staff will appreciate it! To obtain equipment for your business, please contact our security camera sales or access control sales teams or visit us at our retail store.


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If you’re looking to improve the security of your home, consider investing in security camera and an access control system. These measures can go a long way in keeping your property safe and giving you peace of mind. Contact our security camera sales team for your next project or visit our retail store.

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